Sustainable Design and Construction

Code For Sustainable Homes Assessments

Code for Sustainable HomesThe code for sustainable homes (the Code) is the national standard for the sustainable design and construction of new homes. The Code aims to reduce our carbon emissions and create homes that are more sustainable. It applies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The CSH measures the environmental impact of each dwelling under construction, using the following distinct categories:

The Code uses a one to six star rating system to communicate the overall sustainability performance of a new home against these nine categories. The Code sets minimum standards for energy and water use at each level and, within England, replaces the Eco Homes scheme, developed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

One star is the entry level – above the level of the building regulations and six stars is the highest level – reflecting exemplar development in sustainability terms.

Some of the elements within certain categories are mandatory with the others being chosen by the developer/designer for that build to achieve the required standard set by the goverments of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the current minimum standard in Wales is 3 stars (level three) on all new developments (2011).

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